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Alina Puscau

Alina Puscau
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Birth Name: 
Alina Puscau
Birth Date: 
July 4, 1982
Birth Place: 
Bucharest, Romania
Victoria's Secret Model / Playboy Cover Model
Relationship Status: 

Simply stunning, Victoria’s Secret model Alina Puscau showed off her statuesque figure in an 8-page nude pictorial photographed by her boyfriend and Hollywood film director Brett Ratner in Playboy’s November issue.

In a pictorial inspired by German photographer and close friend Helmut Newton, Ratner posed Alina with a brunette mannequin, an addition inspired by such movies as 1985’s Weird Science. “It’s that fantasy of creating your own dream girl,” explains Ratner. “Who doesn’t imagine their perfect girl? It’s very cinematic.”

1:16 pm