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Ashley Scott

Ashley Scott
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Birth Name: 
Ashley McCall Scott
Birth Date: 
July 13, 1977
Birth Place: 
Metairie, LA
Relationship Status: 

Ashley Scott is an American actress that gained a large fan base for her work on Jericho and Dark Angel. Ashley Scott returned to the big screen in 12 Rounds. Picture and videos of Ashley Scott and new updates available at Gossip Center.

It’s almost time for Paris Hilton to come home. She is scheduled to be released tomorrow (Tuesday) after serving 23 days in jail. And in the final hours of her stay at the correctional facility, Paris is enjoying the company of her family and friend Ashley Scott.

Scott visited Paris last night, around 7:15pm. She talked with the Simple Life star for about 45 minutes before saying goodbye. And it seems the visit was emotional for both of them.

2:39 pm