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Bobby Long

Bobby Long
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Birth Name: 
Robert Thomas Long
Birth Date: 
September 18, 1985
Birth Place: 
Wigan Northern England
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As his first American tour successfully continues, English folk musician, Bobby Long, is creating quite the name for himself.

Last month, Gossipcenter.com caught up with Bobby in Detroit, MI at Small’s Bar where Bobby along with his manager, Phil Taylor, were gracious enough to take time out of there night to talk and visit with us.

12:17 pm

Making the most of an evening off, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Nikki Reed were all spotted out for a concert last night (September 7).

The “Eclipse” stars tried their best to go unnoticed as they slunk over to The Backstage Lounge to see their good friend Bobby Long perform.

12:14 pm

Bobby's manager, Phil Taylor, announced today (August 31) that Bobby’s Canadian work visa has been approved and that the postponed Vancouver date has been rescheduled for September 7th.

12:10 pm

Arrived in Nashville with some great shows lined up and like before i met a lot of great people and it was sad to leave but its always been a dream to go to there.

I met up with my Publicist and Sam Bradley which was great. I dont get the chance to see Sam at the moment cos he is based in Canada. He is one of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet and his heart is the size of an American airways plane travelling at 500 miles an hour with a jet engine.

Having a day off on the first day was weird. I was used to going at a hundred miles an hour with meetings etc and it left me tired, out of sync and wanting to get stuck into playing the shows. We went round Nashville and unlike New York and LA me and Sam saw alot of it but i was surprised how new it was. I dont know what i was expecting but i was thinking wooden houses and tumble weeds for some reason. Unlike the other places i had been too so far i had not been brought up with a regular stream of images from the place and had created my own Nashville in my head. The surrounding countryside was beautiful and there was a real run of energy round the main street that constantly had country music playing out.

I love country music and could never listen to to much so i hung out alot outside shops as my manager went in and tried to find "Thee Hat" or "Thee boots" i still think that an English man always looks out of place with them on but he looked great.

12:57 am

After arriving in LA from New York i was still excited about what had
happened in New York and sad to leave. We drove down from the airport to the hotel and already the heat was far more intense than the apple.

We arrived at the hotel and pulled up to its open floor. We were staying at the Andaz Hyatt the newly refurbished hotel on sunset. Again it felt like we shouldnt of been been there but the staff and a man called Dean sweapt us away to our room which overlooked LA (THis was all thanks to a travel Agent called Penny who really helped us out and got us student rates and apple cream cakes). Ive always been a bit sceptical about LA. I honestly never thought that i would go there if an oppurtunity was to arrise to go to america i would always of blindly chosen NY, Chicago or San Francisco.

11:30 pm

got into new york with a feeling of relief that i managed to get into
America. You always worry their gonna turn you away and somehow find large
masses of crack cocaine in your pockets that some hippy transvestite
planted their. Im glad to say this didn't happen and the only thing in my
pockets were a few british coins and a fountain pen.
We arrived at this hotel called the Waldorf Astoria. Its a big gothic
building that doesn't usually home the likes of myself, a student trying to
sing a few songs with a bag of dirty clothes. As my manager stepped up to
the counter and got our key i kept my hood up and didn't look the girl in
the eye just in case. In case of what i dont now?, but we got in to our
14th floor room and met the lovely people we were staying with. Its ironic
now three days later with a suit on my back i feel like ive been here
forever and regularly chat to the guy on the door about the weather and how
some taxis are quicker than others. Its gonna be a change going back to the
student flat with my favourite band "The Spivs".
We wondered around in the evening and went to times square which makes
Leceister Square look like pitch and put at a local fair ground and we ate
and i havnt needed to eat again. Portions of food hit the table like lead
weights and glasses of drinks refilled at every sip. I think explains why
Americans are so positive. The glass is neither half empty or half full its
always full and if you can buy a meal you either eat it all and your sorted
for the week or you take the remains in a doggy bag and after your fill you
could probably feed the rest of your family.
WE walked to central park and saw strawberry fields. I didnt really feel
any emotion there and then mainly due to the fact that its hard getting
something from a piece of work on the floor while being surrounded by
cameras. As we walked to the Dakota another really beautiful Gothic
building where Lennon was shot the temperature and atmosphere slowed down and
dampened and a surge of waste hit me in the face and didnt require me to
hang around to long.

11:29 pm

A year ago, only few might have heard of Bobby Long.

But ever since the song “Let Me Sign”, which he co-wrote, appeared on the Twilight movie soundtrack, the time of playing to just a handful of listeners became a matter of the past.

11:13 pm