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Brandi Carlile

Brandi Carlile
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Birth Name: 
Brandi Carlile
Birth Date: 
June 1, 1981
Birth Place: 
Ravensdale, WA
Singer / Songwriter
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Grammy-award-winning singer/songwriter John Mayer is quite the musical anomaly. He started out singing to college kids about not selling out to the “American Dream” (see “No Such Thing) and then moved on to creating blues/jazz music that beckoned the greats of decades past. Now he’s going on a cruise, and you can go too!

The “Gravity” singer was seen all bundled up with a scarf and wool navy pea coat last night as he left the Waverly Inn. During his stroll, he bantered with paparazzi with questions like “How much would it cost to replace your cameras if I decided to break them?”

3:52 pm