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Cisco Adler

Cisco Adler
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Birth Name: 
Cisco Sam Adler
Birth Date: 
September 6, 1978
Birth Place: 
Los Angeles, CA
Musician / Frontman for Whitestarr
Relationship Status: 

This year’s SXSW festival was jam-packed with all kinds of celebrities, and unfortunately for Mischa Barton, Cisco Adler was one of them.

According to a report, the “Beautiful Life” babe ran into her ex-boyfriend while partying at a Spin Magazine fete on Friday night.

10:38 am

Known for his romantic relationships with actresses and models including Mischa Barton, Lauren Conrad and Kimberly Stewart, Cisco Adler was back on the prowl for his latest sweetie of the moment on Thursday (April 17).

The Whitestarr frontman was busy working on a new music video in Malibu, but made sure to give a hot blonde model a moment of his attention - and a nice squeeze of the behind.

5:05 pm

She’s one of the hottest young actresses in Hollywood, and it seems Mischa Barton has a thing for musicians. Her latest interest is rumored to be Rooney guitarist Taylor Locke.

The O.C. babe, who used to date Whitestarr singer Cisco Adler, was seen sucking face with Locke last week at a memorial concert for Brandon Schantz at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, California.

4:43 pm

Although she already celebrated her 21st birthday with a Vegas bash over a week ago, Kristin Cavallari felt the urge to rejoice with another shindig in her honor.

After attending the premiere of "Cloverfield", Cavallari headed over to the Stone Rose Lounge in West Hollywood, California.

4:12 pm

When you’re trying to clean up your act, it seems that everyone has something against you. Just ask Paris Hilton. She’s only been out of jail a short time, and people are already starting rumors about her.

There are reports that Paris was smoking pot with Cisco Adler, Kimberly Stewart’s ex-fiance, at Guys’ Nightclub this past Wednesday. Rumor has it that she made out with him as well.

3:13 pm

Justin Timberlake threw what many are reporting as a "killer bash". The event was held at Avalon in Hollywood on the night of Friday February 9th.

Making it even more interesting, Kevin Federline was not only in the audience, but he and Timberlake actually crossed paths. According to insiders from E! Online, the two bumped into each other on the red carpet. Apparently, the two former flames of Britney Spears didn't have much to say to each other, seeing that they only managed a quick hello on the carpet.

Perhaps Timberlake was rushing to see Scarlett Johansson, who was in attendance for the evening. Meanwhile, to Justin's relief, Jessica Biel was nowhere to be seen. Imagine how awkward that situation could have been. Unfortunately for Justin, it is bound to happen sometime sooner or later.

2:25 pm