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David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz
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Birth Name: 
David Paul Boreanaz
Birth Date: 
May 16, 1969
Birth Place: 
Buffalo, NY
Relationship Status: 
married to Jaime Bergman

David Boreanaz

Atención fans de la serie "Bones", Fox acaba de anunciar que ya están trabajando en la temporada número 10 de la serie.

Después del episodio del viernes (31 de enero), la nueva temporada de la serie protagonizada por Emily Deschanel y David Boreanaz dará inicio el 10 de marzo.

1:49 pm

Word of his infidelity stormed the Internet in 2010, and now David Boreanaz has opened up about his affair - sparking even more debate after saying his wandering ways actually made his union stronger.

In a new interview with TV Week, the "Bones" hunk, who tied the knot with wife Jaime Bergman back in 2001, recalls his recent cheating as "a bonding experience, in the long run."

1:58 pm

He’s not having a very good year, having been caught in two extramarital affairs, and now David Boreanaz has even more drama to deal with.

The “Bones” stud is being sued for sexual harassment by an unnamed actress, according to a lawsuit that is scheduled to be filed later today.

10:00 am

Coming to his defense, Gina Rodriguez recently dished new details about David Boreanaz’s infidelity, claiming it’s not what is seems.

The “Hard Easy” actor who was recently linked to the porn star Gina Rodriguez aka Demi Delia and according to a report Rodriguez is claiming that the actor was spotted spending time over at her house because he likes her dogs.

2:47 pm

At first there was one, then there were two, and now there’s three women romantically linked to David Boreanaz.

An eyewitness told Radar Online that Boreanaz, who’s married to Jaime Bergman, was spotted at porn star Gina Rodriguez’s house and going into her bedroom several times.

4:45 pm

As more details emerge regarding her affair with David Boreanaz, Rachel Uchitel says don’t believe everything you hear.

The famous mistress says the manipulative and mean-spirited text messages between her and the “Bones” star should have never been leaked, and they don’t give an accurate portrayal of her character.

11:18 am

An unfortunate victim of having an unfaithful man who happens to be in the spotlight, Jaime Bergman is handling her marital woe revelations to the best of her ability - and it hasn't been easy.

Not long after husband David Boreanaz publicly announced his infidelities, Jaime told People magazine, "I’m not saying everything’s okay. I'm still angry. I'm still mad. I am still hurt. "

8:01 pm

Denying claims that she's the lady trying to blackmail actor David Boreanaz, Rachel Uchitel released a statement addressing the situation on Thursday (May 6).

The mistress of Tiger Woods sent the message through attorney Gloria Allred, telling, "David Boreanaz is not part of my life, nor will he be."

8:03 pm

Joining the ranks of famous men who cheat on their wives, David Boreanaz has come clean about his affair and says he’s having a rough time as of late.

The “Bones” actor asked Hart Hanson, the show’s creator, to convey a message to his fans via Twitter yesterday.

10:10 am

Yet another cheating scandal in Hollywood, David Boreanaz’s wife could sue the woman he had an affair with if she chose to do so.

The “Bones” star’s wife, Jaimie Bergman, lives in Utah - which is included in the states in the country that a spouse can sue for “alienation of affection,” which means she could file a lawsuit against the other woman if she believed she wanted to break up their marriage.

1:10 pm