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Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid
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Birth Name: 
Dennis William Quaid
Birth Date: 
April 9, 1954
Birth Place: 
Houston, TX
Relationship Status: 
Married to Kimberly Buffington- Divorce Pending

El jueves (18 de abril), el elenco de "At Any Price" asistió a la proyección del filme en el Landmark Sunshine Cinema de la Ciudad de Nueva York.

Con un elegante traje gris, Zac Efron posó muy sonriente en la alfombra roja junto a Dennis Quaid y Heather Graham, quien se veía muy guapa con un vestido negro.

11:40 am

Dennis Quaid, quien se mantiene muy ocupado promocionando el filme "Playing For Keeps" que se estrenará en cines el próximo 7 de diciembre, está atravesando una difícil etapa en su vida.

Quaid y su esposa, Kimberly Buffington-Quaid, se separaron el pasado mes de octubre y el vienres (30 de noviembre) el actor de 58 años tomó el siguiente paso y oficialmente llenó una solicitud de divorcio en la Corte Superior de Los Ángeles.

10:22 am

Al parecer Dennis Quaid estará muy pronto soltero.

El actor de “Any Given Sunday” y su esposa Kimberly Buffington-Quaid han empezado los trámites de una separación legal en su camino a un eventual proceso de divorcio.

2:45 pm

Looking to have a sudden sway in her marital thoughts, Dennis Quaid's wife Kimberly Buffington has pulled the plug on the pair's divorce proceedings.

Kim filed papers for a split back in March, but in a new set of documents the blonde asked for her decision to be reversed, after which a judge granted a dismissal of the court case, according to TMZ.

3:12 pm

Marriage in Tinseltown is tough, and Dennis Quaid's union wife Kimberly Buffington-Quaid is the latest casualty.

The “American Dreamz” actor will be getting divorced for the third time, having been married to Meg Ryan and PJ Solesin in the past.

12:28 pm

In talks of signing on for yet another project, Jennifer Aniston is rumored to be joining the lineup for the upcoming movie “Switch.”

According to Deadline, the “Just Go With It” babe is negotiating a deal to co-star alongside Ty Burrell, John Hawkes and Yasiin Bey.

12:35 pm

Shielding themselves from the rainy skies above, the cast of "Playing the Field" arrived at their Shreveport, Louisiana film set earlier today (April 21).

The comedy plays host to a star-studded cast which includes Catherine Zeta Jones, Gerard Butler, Uma Thurman, Jessica Biel and Dennis Quaid.

1:22 pm

Speaking out for the first time about what he calls his "greatest mistake," Dennis Quaid revealed details about his prior cocaine addiction that threatened to wreck his career.

The "Dragonheart" star told Newsweek that he began taking the drug in 1974 and continued using it into the 80s, saying, "Cocaine was even in the budgets of movies, thinly disguised. It was petty cash, you know? It was supplied, basically, on movie sets because everyone was doing it. People would make deals. Instead of having a cocktail, you'd have a line."

2:27 pm

Continuing their intense filming schedule, the cast of “Soul Surfer” was spotted working on Sunset Beach, Hawaii yesterday (February 16).

AnnaSophia Robb, Helen Hunt, Dennis Quaid, and Lorraine Nicholson have all been on location in the island state, enjoying the tropical surroundings as production continues.

3:34 pm

Apparently Randy Quaid and his wife Evi are still “sick and resting in Texas” because they failed to make their court date in Santa Barbara, California yet again.

Judge Clifford Anderson told press, "The case was put back on calendar today when local counsel approached me with consent of Mr. Carter. But they are not here and so bench warrants remain out as they have since they were issued back in September. And this time we will not be putting case back on calendar until they definitely post bail or appear in person."

2:36 pm