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Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards
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Birth Name: 
Elizabeth Anania Edwards
Birth Date: 
July 3, 1949
Birth Place: 
Jacksonville, Florida
Attorney, Author
Relationship Status: 
Passed Away on December 7, 2010

She lost her battle with breast cancer back on December 7, and it was just announced that Elizabeth Edwards did not include estranged husband, John, in her will.

In the will that she filed a week before her death, Elizabeth lists her worldly possessions such as furniture, china, automobiles, jewelry, etc. to her children who will divide it amongst the three of them.

5:51 pm

Turning up to pay their final respects, John Edwards and his children were among the many gathered together at the funeral and burial of Elizabeth Edwards in Raleigh, N.C. on Saturday (December 11).

The former VP candidate looked emotional as he helped Cate, Emma Claire and Jack out of a chauffeured vehicle for the somber proceedings.

2:43 pm

She lost her battle with cancer earlier this week, and the funeral for Elizabeth Edwards is scheduled to take place this Saturday (December 11).

The estranged wife of Senator John Edwards will be honored at the Edenton Street United Methodist Church and laid to rest at Oakwood Cemetery in Raleigh, N.C.

6:03 pm

Having recently made the difficult decision to stop treatment, Elizabeth Edwards has sadly lost her battle with cancer.

The estranged wife of one time Vice Presidential nominee John Edwards passed away earlier today (December 7) at the age of 61 after her breast cancer spread to her liver.

7:12 pm