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Famke Janssen

Famke Janssen
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Famke Janssen
Birth Date: 
November 5, 1965
Birth Place: 
Amstelveen, Netherlands
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La entrega número 22 de los Gotham Independent Film Awards resultó ser un evento de lo más glamouroso, las estrellas se reunieron el lunes (26 de noviembre) en el famoso restaurante Cipriani de Wall Street en la Gran Manzana.

El comediante Mike Birbiglia fue el el presentador del evento que reunió a estrellas como Amy Adams, Famke Janssen y Emily Blunt, quien se llevó un premio en la categoría de Mejor Elenco winner. Emily llegó al evento acompañada por su esposo y estrella de "The Office", John Krasinski.

11:41 am

Adding another chapter to the exciting saga created by the original, “Taken 2” has just released a brand new teaser trailer.

The globe-hopping tale takes Liam Neeson and his family to Eastern Europe this time around, and the action looks positively riveting.

1:58 pm

Offering a sneak peek at the highly anticipated prequel, 20th Fox Century has just released the first trailer for "Taken 2".

The action-packed footage features Liam Neeson showing off his CIA-tactics to yet again bring a family member back home safely.

5:22 pm

Showing off her bikini body, Denise Richards was spotted enjoying a little time on the beach while vacationing in Hawaii earlier this week.

The former Mrs. Charlie Sheen was all smiles as she frolicked with her beau, despite recently being bestowed an unwelcome title - worst Bond babe ever.

4:19 pm

Famke Janssen and her beloved Boston Terrier, Licorice, are the latest celebrity faces for PETA. (See the campaign photo after the jump.)

Millions of campanion animals are condemned to a sad life of loneliness - isolated in a crate or pen or kept on a chain with no exercise or attention. Your animal companions need and deserve lots of playtime, love and care -- they are part of your family. Be your animals' guardian angel -- they depend on you."

Famke is a role model for dog lovers, she carries Licorice everywhere with her. I rarely see a photograph of her without him. He's cute!

2:24 pm