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Gloria Allred

Gloria Allred
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Birth Name: 
Gloria Rachel Bloom
Birth Date: 
July 3, 1941
Birth Place: 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Relationship Status: 

After handing back millions of dollars in settlement hush money from Tiger Woods, Rachel Uchitel has decided she wants the loot back - and this time she's going after her former lawyer, Gloria Allred.

According to TMZ, the 36-year-old has returned nearly all of the hush money she received from Tiger and is now looking to sue her lawyer, Gloria Allred, for allegedly selling her out to cash in.

2:40 pm

She’s been all over the media as of late due to her high-profile clients, and Gloria Allred’s latest appearance is included the new issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine, on newsstands today.

Known for representing Tiger Woods’ mistresses, the almost-69-year-old attorney says she’s all about standing up for women in America’s male-dominated society.

2:18 pm