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Gloria Stuart

Gloria Stuart
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Birth Name: 
Gloria Frances Stuart
Birth Date: 
July 4, 1910
Birth Place: 
Santa Monica, California
Relationship Status: 
Passed Away on September 26, 2010

With a true Hollywood great having passed away, Leonardo DiCaprio took time to release a statement regarding Gloria Stuart.

Both having starred in "Titanic" back in 1997, DiCaprio reminisced on the fond memories in which he has of Miss Stuart.

10:04 am

She experienced a resurgence in her career thanks to her role in “Titanic,” and yesterday (September 26) Gloria Stuart passed away.

The beloved actress, who celebrated her 100th birthday this past July 4th, was diagnosed with lung cancer five years ago, though it’s unclear if that was the cause of her death.

2:37 pm