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A good soundtrack can bring us into the world of a film. It has the ability to stir emotions, make us laugh, make us cry, make us go to the bathroom in our pants. But a soundtrack alone is helpless in the face of a mediocre movie. Here are 9 examples of movies that succeeded in the killer tunes department, but let us down with the movies themselves.

#1 Help!

Ringo Starr was quoted as saying the movie Help! was produced under a "haze of marijuana." We aren't surprised. Coming off of the success of A Hard Day's Night, The Beatles were given a bigger budget and shot the movie in color (a rarity at the time), but the film ended up feeling like a bunch of hot air. According to movie historian Leslie Halliwell, it was an "[e]xhausting attempt to outdo A Hard Day's Night in lunatic frenzy. It looks good but becomes too tiresome to entertain." The soundtrack, however, has never grown tiresome. It recently ranked number 332 on Rolling Stone's 500 greatest albums of all time and featured soon-to-be classics like "Yesterday" and "Ticket to Ride."

11:29 pm

Whether you Netflix or matinee, movies provide a cheap, albeit fleeting, diversion fromyour monetary woes. The following movies offer valuable lessons that are gleaned from avariety of sources, ranging from single mothers to stockbrokers to soulless salesmen. Asnecessity is the mother of invention, there’s no better time than the present to learn a fewlessons from the silver screen.

#1 Fight the Good Fight

As seen in: Erin Brockovich (2000)

Erin Brockovich is based on the true story of a woman who fought the bad guys and won- $333 million dollars to be exact. Julia Roberts stars as the broke, jobless, twice-divorced mother of three, who takes a job at a ho-hum law firm. While working at the firm, Brockovich discovers a cover-up involving contaminated water in a local community that has caused devastating illness among its residents. She decides to personally investigate the case and goes on to receive the largest settlement ever paid in a direct-action lawsuit in US history.

11:10 pm

As we look forward to the multitude of possibilities in 2009, it's important to keep in mind that the future, while exciting, is difficult to predict. We can approach our goals with a carefully plotted precision, but even in the most calculated circumstances, sometimes things go horribly wrong. Take late night talk shows for example. The hosts do their best to keep the shows funny while maintaining the standards and practices enacted by the FCC, but that doesn’t mean they always maintain control. Sometimes the proverbial “crap” simply hits the fan.

In the spirit of hitting the fan in 2009, I’ve compiled an ultimate list of talk show interviews that go from completely innocent to sexually charged in the blink of an eye. Whether the transitions are the result of a single dirty comment, a series of inappropriate gestures, or a full-on strip show, nobody could have planned these interviews in advance. So put on your headphones, tilt your screen away from the boss' office, and enjoy the most sexually charged interviews (that are still SFW) in late night television history.

10. Jane Fonda

The Show: The Colbert Report

The Year: 2007

It takes a special kind of guest to catch Stephen Colbert off-guard. (Bear with me on calling Colbert a late night talk show host.) His sharp wit keeps him three or four steps ahead of typical guests, whether they're actors, writers, scientists or politicians. In this particular interview, however, actress Jane Fonda proves that even Colbert has his breaking point.

9:06 pm

Sports movies are usually not supposed be too realistic. We watch them for their sheer entertainment value - the motivational speeches, the buzzer beating shots, the underdog stories that defy all odds. And while some movies, such as Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler, about a down and out wrestler (Mickey Rourke) in search of one last comeback, handle sports with far greater nuance, they are definitely the exception to the rule. (Bear with me on calling pro wrestling a sport.) Sure, it’s great to garner the sort of critical acclaim and Oscar buzz that The Wrestler has received, but that shouldn’t overshadow all the wonderfully ridiculous moments sports movies have given audiences over the years.

12. Rocky Balboa (2006)

The Background

The sixth installment in the life of Rocky Balboa (Sylvster Stallone), an unlikely boxing champion from Philadelphia, chronicles his return to the ring for one last fight. His journey is set in motion after a video game simulation shows that in his prime he could have defeated the current heavyweight champion, Mason “The Line” Dixon.

The Moment

Like all Rocky films, this one ends with a climactic scene in the ring between Rocky and his fiercest competitor. Although the audience is supposed to believe that his determination and heart enable him to go toe-to-toe with “The Line,” it’s clear that the billion-year-old Rocky Balboa really shouldn’t stand a chance. Rocky may have the eye of the tiger, but now he needs to be in bed by sundown.

9:03 pm

As we all know, celebrities commonly endorse their own products: TV shows, movies, apparel lines, even bottles of overpriced fragrances that smell like rubbing alcohol. But probably my favorite strain of celebrity endorsements, simply because I take an absurd amount of pleasure in eating (particularly around the holidays), is that related to the food and beverage industry.

Sometimes these endorsements are very literal, as in the case of a commercial or billboard, but other times they take shape in more subtle ways, such as a reoccurring storyline in a television series. With the holiday eating season upon us, I thought it’d be appropriate to take a look at some of the most memorable celebrity food endorsements, as components of larger trends, from the past 30 years.



Surveying the past 30 years, it’s clear that celebrity food endorsements were once significantly campier than they are today, no longer as wrought with clichés, overacting, and corny jokes. The celebrities in these endorsements hammed up every moment of their on-camera time, as though audiences would be at a complete loss without their comically exaggerated speech and actions. Oh yes, the 80s were a magical time.

A leader in campy food endorsements was the great Bill Cosby, whose love for Jell-o will not escape our memories anytime soon. Just thinking about his commercials makes me want to run to the market and buy some pudding pops.

8:54 pm

Reality television often gets a bad wrap. Although it’s one of the most addictive forms of entertainment ever created by man, naysayers still choose to focus on the personality flaws of reality TV actors/celebs, the plausibility of some shows being pre-scripted, and other like-kind criticisms.

And while even I categorize my obsession with reality television as more of a guilty pleasure than anything else, I’m still convinced there are many reasons it’d be flat out amazing to be a reality TV star. And those reasons can all be backed up by shining moments in the history of reality TV.

#9 Life Lessons

Quick Background

From a distance, it might seem as though reality TV stars have absolutely no worries in their lives, as though they can dance around from one exotic or ridiculous adventure to the next without any consequences. But the truth of the matter is that reality TV is designed to put bold (and hilariously conflicting) personalities right smack next to each other, and the resulting drama often gives rise to life lessons.

Shining Moment

Leave it to Tyra Banks, the host of the cult favorite reality TV show America’s Next Top Model, to drop some serious knowledge on a contestant. In the following clip, Tyra gets up in arms on a girl who she feels like is wasting her talent for foolish reasons. Tyra even throws out the classic “You don’t where I come from!” exclamation towards the end of her tirade. That means you know she means business!

8:51 pm

The 1990s were a glorious time filled with baggy jeans, fanny packs, and countless celebrities who still hadn’t realized the mullet was out of fashion. The 90s also gave rise to a number of television series that many of us still hold near and dear to our hearts.

While most of the stars from those series have faded out over the years, a select class of them have actually returned to the spotlight – or at least within a reasonable distance of it.I doubt any of these celebrities will be up for dramatic leading performance Oscars any time soon, but I think they’re all technically still considered “celebrities,” and that’s an accomplishment in itself.

10. John Stamos

The 90s Glory

In the 90s, Stamos was everybody’s favorite uncle on the hit ABC sitcom, Full House.He co-starred as the motorcycle riding Jesse Katsopolis, who moved in with his brotherin-law to help raise three young daughters and elevate the household level of “coolness” by approximately a billion. For eight seasons, audiences watched as Uncle Jesse married, became a father, and obsessed like a teenage starlet over his hair. But at the end of the day, he was always there for his three nieces, stirring feelings of envy in little girls (and even macho guys like myself) everywhere. I still have posters of his band “Jesse and The Rippers” on my childhood bedroom walls. The Rippers probably peaked while covering the Beach Boys tune, Forever. Grab a box of tissues and check out the music video

A 2008 Revival

After a few failed attempts at a television return, Stamos found luck with the role of Dr. Tony Gates in the NBC drama ER. This year, he stars in the show’s highly publicized final season. Additionally, he starred in two made-for-TV movies over the years, but I’m not sure how many people actually saw them.

Future Plans

After a full career on stage and screen, Stamos will be awarded one of Hollywood’s highest honors in 2009 - a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Maybe he’ll be able to leverage the star to win back former wife and supermodel Rebeca Romjin. Lord knows
they don’t get much hotter than her. Even for the headliner of Jesse and the Rippers.

8:49 pm

With all the chatter about Will Smith’s upcoming Seven Pounds hitting theaters next week, I thought it’d be appropriate to take a trip down memory lane. Ever since Big Willy starred in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, he’s not only made millions of dollars and a portfolio of blockbuster films (with only a few duds along the way), but he’s given men around the world an arsenal of tips and pick-up lines for attracting the opposite sex.

In the spirit of all things good and Big Willy style, I present you with the Fresh Prince’s guide to picking up women, as observed through select on-screen performances.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990-1996)

When Will Smith was still a kid from West Philly, living with Uncle Phil and family in Beverly Hills, his game was still in the developmental stages. His success with the ladies came in ebbs and flows, but he was always quick with the one-liners. Some widely recognized all time favorites include: “Hey baby, you look so good I wish I could plant you and grow a whole field of y’all,” and “I think I’ve seen your picture before: it was in the dictionary right next to ‘Kablaaaaaam!’” No matter how many times the Fresh Prince’s cat-calls and jokes got shot down, like a true womanizer, he always came back for more. Check out this clip of him getting into the ring with hottie Helena (played by Galyn Gorg) from season six. Kablaaaaaaam!

And for those true die-hard Fresh Prince fans, enjoy this compilation of his best pick-up lines throughout the series’ six years run. It’s not that the Fresh Prince thought women were pieces of meat, he just knew that he was constantly hungry for them. He was a model for perseverance, and an inspiration to us all.

8:39 pm

As we all know, many movies are ironically cast at the outset simply to showcase an actor’s diversity or to make some larger point. Examples in this league include Charlize Theron as a grotesque killer in Monster and Brad Pitt as a slummy, badass in Fight Club. However, some movies don’t reveal their ironies until many months or even years after an initial release. These cases are not only intriguing on their face value, but they sometimes make it seem like the movie itself has a role in determining the actor’s fate.

Below is a list of the top 10 most ironically cast movies, specific to those ironies realized only in hindsight, of all time. Note: Not listed in any particular order.

#1 Elizabeth Berkley - Showgirls

top-10-ironic-cast-1.jpg Basic Premise: Showgirls chronicles the rise of aspiring dancer Nomi Malone (Berkley) as she claws her way to the top of the showgirl ladder. After drifting into Vegas and working at some fairly undesirable establishments, Nomi scores a big audition. A few backstabs later, she’s a bonafide headliner. But in the end, she realizes that showgirl stardom may not be worth the questionable morals she has developed, so she heads to Hollywood where good morals and big success await her!

The Irony: Aside from the obvious irony of Saved by the Bell good girl Jessie Spano taking to the stripper pole, the real twist on this story is the parallel between Nomi and Ms. Berkley. While Nomi Malone achieves major success in Vegas and is presumably on her way to the success in Hollywood, the film demolished Ms. Berkley’s own aspirations: her acting career has yet to recover.

7:49 pm

Beautiful actresses are a dime a dozen. And less-than-beautiful actresses are even more common. But what about sexy celebrity actresses with legitimate acting prowess? They are indeed the cream of the celebrity crop, those aesthetically appealing women who can make you blush and make you believe their characters.

They are so rare that coming up with a top ten list for them was a relatively difficult task. But after much brainstorming and a little soul searching, here they are – all too sexy to rate in any particular order - the top ten sexiest celebrity actresses that can actually act.

7:47 pm