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Jasmine Villegas

Jasmine Villegas
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Birth Name: 
Jasmine Marie Villegas
Birth Date: 
December 7, 1993
Birth Place: 
San Jose, California
Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Actress, Model
Relationship Status: 

It’s unfortunate that nutjobs love to follow celebrities, but now Jasmine Villegas has been granted a reprieve from worrying about her stalker.

According to a report, the 17-year-old singer/star of Justin Bieber’s “Baby” music video was given a three year restraining order against Steven Cintron this week.

11:03 am

Fresh off of celebrating his guitarist's wedding, Justin Bieber made his way to perform a few shows in Hawaii over the weekend.

Making the most of his downtime, the "Baby" singer tossed on his swim trunks as he joined rumored girlfriend Jasmine Villegas for a boating excursion on Friday (October 8).

12:34 pm

Adding even more reason to believe there's something brewing between them, Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas seem to be getting closer each day.

Rumors first sparked after the “Baby” singer and his tourmate were spotted kissing inside a Honda at the beginning of the month in Venice, California.

4:06 pm

Many a hearts will be broken if the recent claims are true, but it is being rumored that Justin Bieber is dating his “Baby” music video co-star, Jasmine Villegas.

In a recent interview with Tiger Beat, Ms Villegas opens up about the “Be Mine” singer and, although she doesn’t admit to being his girlfriend, she reveals a lot about him.

11:56 am