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Kiowa Gordon

Kiowa Gordon
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Kiowa Gordon
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Arizona, USA
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Kiowa Gordon

Allegedly getting behind the wheel after having a bit too much to drink, "Twilight" actor Kiowa Gordon was arrested on suspicion of a DUI in Mesa, Arizona yesterday (August 9).

As the 21-year-old star was taken into custody, authorities discovered an active warrant against him, stemming from a failed court appearance over a previous arrest for drug paraphernalia possession and supplying alcohol to minors.

12:38 pm

Enjoying a mild day in Beverly Hills, Kiowa Gordon was spotted heading over to Villa Blanca restaurant for lunch yesterday (December 8).

The “New Moon” stud looked hunky as he joined up with a few friends, sporting a black jacket, blue t-shirt, checkered scarf, and black jeans.

2:10 pm

They’re the latest up-and-coming stars of the “Twilight” saga and over the weekend (March 27) the “New Moon” wolf pack actors were spotted out in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Alex Meraz, Chaske Spencer, and Kiowa Gordon all garnered plenty of paparazzi attention as they stepped out for dinner on break from the movie set.

11:12 pm