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Larry Birkhead

Larry Birkhead
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Birth Name: 
Larry E. Birkhead
Birth Date: 
22 January 1973
Birth Place: 
Jefferson County, Kentucky, U.S.
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After recently obtaining Dannielynn's passport, Larry Birkhead is set to leave the Bahamas for the U.S. today (May 1). Access Hollywood is reporting that the ex-boyfriend of Anna Nicole Smith has plans of taking his daughter back to his Louisville home - so that the two can get on with their lives.

Since The Gossip Girl's last report, Birkhead also has finished the process of having his baby daughter's name officially changed on her Bahamian birth certificate. He is now officially "legally and biologically" Dannielynn Hope Birkhead's father.

2:31 pm

Since Larry Birkhead was revealed as the father of Anna Nicole Simth's daughter by DNA tests earlier this month, he's now seeking to change his 7-month-old daughter's birth certificate to list him as the father.

CBS is reporting that "Birkhead and other participants in a private custody hearing Wednesday said they could not discuss the proceedings, but Birkhead said he was pleased."

2:30 pm

With another chapter in the Anna Nicole Smith saga now closed, the results of the DNA paternity test have confirmed that Larry Birkhead, an entertainment photojournalist, is the biological father of baby Dannielynn. The seven-month-old girl has been at the center of a bitter paternity dispute since she was born in the Bahamas last September.

The closed session at a Bahamian court was attended by both Birkhead, and Anna Nicole's lawyer-turned-partner, Howard K. Stern, whose name appears on the birth certificate of Dannielynn.

2:29 pm

Update: According to the latest reports from TMZ and MSNBC, Larry Birkhead and Dannielynn "were both at a Bahamas doctor's office at 9 this morning and had samples taken. Howard K. Stern's DNA was not taken because by law there is a presumption that he's the father since he's listed as such on the birth certificate."

2:27 pm

Late last week, Larry Birkhead left the courtroom smiling, stating that he believed "good things" were on the horizon. On Tuesday, his intuitions were proven to be correct, as he obtained an important victory in his fight to demonstrate his paternity of Anna Nicole Smith's infant daughter, Dannielynn.

A Nassau, Bahamas judge ordered DNA samples from Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, Dannielynn and Larry Birkhead for testing. Most insiders feel it to be common sense that Stern, who's listed on the baby's birth certificate, is not her biological father. Otherwise, it would have saved Howard and Anna Nicole a lot of legal hassles if he were to just submit a DNA test in the first place.

2:27 pm

Anyone who has watched Anna Nicole Smith's reality show could see just how much her lawyer, Howard K. Stern, really cared for her. Some say he was in love with her. I kind of thought so myself.

Well, looks like Howard is the father of Anna Nicole's new baby girl who we'd originally been told was named Hannah, but is now being called Danilynne Hope.

"Anna and I have been in a relationship and we love each other. It's been going on a very long time and because of my relationship as her lawyer, we felt that it was best to keep everything hidden and we've done a very good job of that."

Then Larry King asks, "So are you the father?" Howard replies, "Yes sir."

I'm sure this comes as a surprise to Larry Birkhead who's been telling everyone that he's the father. I'm sure a paternity test is in order for the guys so they can settle this once and for all.

This all went down on Larry King Life so I guess we're going to have to wait and watch in all unfold.

2:23 pm