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Laura Breckenridge

Laura Breckenridge
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Laura Breckenridge
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August 22, 1983
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Flourtown, Pennsylvania, U.S.
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It’s the beginning of another work week for the “Gossip Girl” cast, and earlier today there was plenty of action on the New York City set.

Blake Lively and Sebastian Stan were spotted shooting a scene together at an outdoor location, laughing and chatting together in between takes.

11:02 pm

While many Americans are enjoying a day off for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day, the stars of “Gossip Girl” are hard at work today (January 19).

Filming on location on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the CW celebs were spotted braving the cold as they filmed scenes for an upcoming episode.

9:15 pm

Doing their best to stay warm, Leighton Meester and Jessica Szohr reacted to the freezing New York City weather by clasping their hands together and cozying up on the "Gossip Girl" set earlier today (January 14).

The two young actresses were just getting ready to start filming after having their make-up done in their trailers, joining Penn Badgley and Blake Lively for the day's filming.

9:12 pm

Logging the long hours on-set, Blake Lively teamed up with Laura Breckenridge to film scenes for their hit show "Gossip Girl" on Tuesday (January 6).

Looking her usual stylish self, the Serena van der Woodsen actress and her co-star made their way to Central Park in Uptown, Manhattan, grabbing a seat on a bench as they ran through their lines.

9:04 pm