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Maryna Linchuk

Maryna Linchuk
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Birth Name: 
Maryna Linchuk
Birth Date: 
September 4, 1987
Birth Place: 
Minsk, Belarus
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La modelo Maryna Linchuk dejó a todos con la boca abierta, tras lucir su tremendo cuerpazo en un estudio fotográfico que se realizó ayer (12 de diciembre) en las playas de las islas St. Barts, en El Caribe.

La modelo de Victoria's Secret mostró sus atributos con un sensual bikini rosado, amarillo y blanco, mientras posaba animadamente junto a las hermosas aguas del océano.

10:40 am

Not shy about her chiseled frame, Maryna Linchuk was spotted shooting stills for the latest Victoria's Secret swimwear collection on the beaches of St. Barts on Friday (May 4).

During the photo shoot, the 5"11 Belarusian model changed up her bathing suit while playfully tossing her hair, running down the beach and kneeling seductively in the sand.

10:30 am

She’s a relative newcomer to the fame game, but with looks like hers it won’t be long before Maryna Linchuk is a household name.

The 23-year-old hottie is featured in a new spread for the Victoria’s Secret Animal Collection of sexy lingerie.

3:59 pm