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Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox
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Birth Name: 
Matthew Chandler Fox
Birth Date: 
July 14, 1966
Birth Place: 
Abington, PA
Relationship Status: 
married to Margherita Ronchi

After being released from jail more than two months ago for drunk driving, Matthew Fox had to step back into the Deschutes County Jail yet again.

According to a report put out by TMZ on Monday (July 2), the "Lost" actor had to head back into the Bend, Oregon jail on Friday (June 29) to get his mugshot taken for his previous DUI arrest from May 4 due to the facility's camera being out of order.

10:51 pm

He’s breathing a bit easier today, and Matthew Fox is relieved that Heather Bormann isn’t moving forward with her assault lawsuit.

According to a report, the Cleveland, Ohio bus driver will no longer seek legal action against the “Lost” star and has dismissed her lawsuit with prejudice.

3:15 pm

Going on a Twitter rant, Dominic Monaghan put his former "Lost" co-star on blast by accusing Matthew Fox of being a woman beater.

When a Twitter fan asked the 35-year-old "Lord of The Rings" actor to convince Fox to sign up for the social networking site, Dominic sharply replied, "He beats women. No thanks".

10:20 pm

It’s never a good idea to get behind the wheel after drinking, and Matthew Fox learned that lesson first-hand this past Friday (May 4).

The “Party of Five” hunk was on his way to get some late night grub at a fast food restaurant in Bend, Oregon when Johnny Law intervened.

1:38 pm

Fighting back against a slew of nasty allegations, Matthew Fox has filed a counter-suit against the Cleveland bus driver who claimed the actor had punched her back in August.

According to Heather Bormann, the "Lost" star hit her “with his fists, delivering sudden and severe blows to her right breast, groin, arms and legs, inflicting severe, disabling injury," after she blocked his attempt to get on the party bus of which she was driving without invitation.

12:55 pm

In the aftermath of his altercation with Ohio bus driver Heather Bormann, Matthew Fox may have to cough up a cool $25,000.

The “Party of Five” actor is being sued for punching Ms. Bormann in the vagina during an incident that occurred on August 28th.

2:24 pm

He had a rough weekend in Cleveland, Ohio, and now Matthew Fox is facing assault charges for allegedly punching a party bus driver.

Heather Borman filed the paperwork yesterday against the “Lost” star, and told press that Fox was inebriated when he attempted to board her party bus.

9:21 am

Taken into custody after an alleged weekend (August 27) altercation, Matthew Fox is accused of punching a woman in her "chest and stomach area" while out on the town in Cleveland, Ohio.

According to reports, the "Lost" actor made an attempt to board a party bus, of which he wasn't a guest, as a way to get back to his downtown hotel.

1:10 pm

The 1990s were a glorious time filled with baggy jeans, fanny packs, and countless celebrities who still hadn’t realized the mullet was out of fashion. The 90s also gave rise to a number of television series that many of us still hold near and dear to our hearts.

While most of the stars from those series have faded out over the years, a select class of them have actually returned to the spotlight – or at least within a reasonable distance of it.I doubt any of these celebrities will be up for dramatic leading performance Oscars any time soon, but I think they’re all technically still considered “celebrities,” and that’s an accomplishment in itself.

10. John Stamos

The 90s Glory

In the 90s, Stamos was everybody’s favorite uncle on the hit ABC sitcom, Full House.He co-starred as the motorcycle riding Jesse Katsopolis, who moved in with his brotherin-law to help raise three young daughters and elevate the household level of “coolness” by approximately a billion. For eight seasons, audiences watched as Uncle Jesse married, became a father, and obsessed like a teenage starlet over his hair. But at the end of the day, he was always there for his three nieces, stirring feelings of envy in little girls (and even macho guys like myself) everywhere. I still have posters of his band “Jesse and The Rippers” on my childhood bedroom walls. The Rippers probably peaked while covering the Beach Boys tune, Forever. Grab a box of tissues and check out the music video

A 2008 Revival

After a few failed attempts at a television return, Stamos found luck with the role of Dr. Tony Gates in the NBC drama ER. This year, he stars in the show’s highly publicized final season. Additionally, he starred in two made-for-TV movies over the years, but I’m not sure how many people actually saw them.

Future Plans

After a full career on stage and screen, Stamos will be awarded one of Hollywood’s highest honors in 2009 - a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Maybe he’ll be able to leverage the star to win back former wife and supermodel Rebeca Romjin. Lord knows
they don’t get much hotter than her. Even for the headliner of Jesse and the Rippers.

8:49 pm