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Melissa Joan Hart

Melissa Joan Hart
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Birth Name: 
Melissa Joan Hart
Birth Date: 
April 18, 1976
Birth Place: 
Smithtown, NY
Relationship Status: 
Married to Mark Wilkerson

Anoche (8 de enero), Melissa Joan Hart dijo presente en la entrega de los People's Choice Awards 2014.

La estrella de “Melissa & Joey” se veía muy guapa con un vestido floral mientras se alistaba para entrar al evento.

1:09 pm

Kristen Bell estaba muy ansiosa de poder mostrar su nuevo proyecto, y ayer (19 de noviembre) asistió a la premier de la película de Disney, "Frozen", que se llevó a cabo en Los Ángeles.

La estrella principal de la cinta llegó a la alfombra roja del evento, que tuvo lugar en El Capitan Theatren, con un precioso vestido que acompañó con un corpiño que resaltó su belleza.

1:57 pm

El miércoles (13 de marzo) marca otro día en el que humo blanco emergió de la Capilla Sixtina en la Ciudad del Vaticano, la señal de que un nuevo Papa ha sido elegido.

Hoy por la mañana fue anunciado como el Papa número 266 el argentino de 76 años, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, quien será conocido como Francisco para la Iglesia Católica Romana.

11:27 am

La Costa Este de los Estados Unidos está viviendo las inclemencias del tiempo, como cortesía del huracán Sandy, y algunas de las celebridades favoritas del público, quisieron compartir sus pensamientos sobre el fenómeno climático.

"Sandy, esa pe..a", escribió con su estilo sarcástico, Alec Baldwin, mientras que Jimmy Kimmel bromeó un poco y afirmó: “está comenzando a ponerse ventoso aquí en Brooklyn… espero que nuestros shows no salgan volando".

12:51 pm

The beautiful cast of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” hit the red carpet on Monday night (May 14) for its first premiere in Los Angeles, CA.

It was an evening full of Hollywood hotties as Cameron Diaz, Brooklyn Decker, Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Banks, Anna Kendrick, Matthew Morrison and Chace Crawford posed for pictures at Grauman's Chinese Theatre venue while talking about their newest project.

11:41 pm

Continuing along with her steady family expansion, Melissa Joan Hart is pregnant with her third child.

A "Melissa & Joey" set staffer broke the news to Life & Style, saying, "She's pregnant, again. It's baby no. 3 for Melissa!"

5:51 pm

With the overwhelming presence of pregnancy in Hollywood these days, it’s no wonder that many of our favorite celebrity moms have banned together to join the “Hot Mom’s Club.”

And yesterday was a big day for the “Hot Moms,” as a new book was released on the topic of prepping for motherhood. Author Jessica Denay released ‘The Hot Mom-To-Be Handbook: Womb with a View.’

4:56 pm

Though she’s seemed a bit standoffish with the press as of late, Jennifer Love Hewitt was happy to pose with her soon-to-be hubby Ross McCall as they worked at the Los Angeles Mission on Christmas Eve.

The expecting pair even opened a few gifts during their philanthropic day, displaying “Texas” t-shirts to the onlookers.

4:02 pm

Mmmm! Macaroni and cheese! It was just one of the delectable dishes served up by Melissa Joan Hart and her hubby Mark Wilkerson at the Los Angeles Mission on Christmas Eve.

The “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” actress spent the day feeding the less fortunate, a feat made more sacrificial due to her pregnancy (her feet must’ve been killing her by the end of the day!).

4:02 pm

It's that time of the year again; shopping, traffic, Santa Claus and snow. But have we forgotten the true meaning of Christmas? When I was young, each year my family would select a needy family from the community and donate food, presents and basic home necessities to them. Now that I'm an adult and have children of my own, we have a new tradition of giving. Each time during the month of December if we buy something for ourselves, we have to buy something for someone else. That gift is then given to the local firemen's Cheer Fund or Toys for Tots. Even if it's as simple as a cheap toy from the "everything's a dollar" type of store or just something from the mall, it's just something that we do. My youngest daughter is the best and picks out the coolest gifts, though some may scoff at their appropriateness in this day and age, but the tops of her list this year were whoopie cushions and cap guns! (Yea, she's the fun one in the family! She is also the most giving. She pays with her own money.)

Back to Celebrity Gossip... what prompted me to post this was because I saw that Melissa Joan Hart and Jennifer Love Hewitt recently volunteered their time to feed the homeless at the annual Los Angeles Mission Christmas meal. It's nice to see people doing good and helping others.

Now, go do something nice for someone. Help an old lady, buy a kid a gift or just drop a few bucks in the kettle when you see a Salvation Army bell ringer at the mall. It's Christmas.

2:24 pm