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Michael Brea

Michael Brea
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Michael Brea
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New York City
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He hacked his mother to death with a Freemason sword, and Michael Brea insists he was just completing a mission from God.

The “Ugly Betty” actor chatted with a reporter from the Daily News yesterday (November 25) and seemed convinced he hadn’t killed his mom, but rather a demon that had possessed her.

3:00 pm

There are some new details in the developing story of Michael Brea, who is being accused of killing his mother with a samurai sword in Brooklyn, NY on Tuesday (November 24).

Apparently, the “Ugly Betty” actor was shouting, “Sinner! Sinner! You never accepted Jesus” at his mother as he stabbed her multiple times.

1:09 pm

He has enjoyed some success thanks to his role in “Ugly Betty,” but Michael Brea is about to become known worldwide for allegedly stabbing his own mother.

According to multiple reports, the “Step Up 3D” actor fatally stabbed his mom with a ceremonial Freemason sword early this morning.

4:20 pm