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Nicole Fiscella

Nicole Fiscella
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Nicole Fiscella
Birth Date: 
October 15, 1979
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Rochester, New York
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Looking ever-so festive, Leighton Meester was spotted hard at work on the Upper East Side set of "Gossip Girl" on Thursday afternoon (December 18).

The Blair Waldorf actress sported a bright red winter coat as she teamed up with co-stars Amanda Setton and Nicole Fiscella to film a few scenes.

8:51 pm

There are some definite advantages to working on a set near New York City- on days off you can hop a commuter train and be in the Big Apple in no time. Just ask Leighton Meester.

The Gossip Girl cutie was spotted along with Nicole Fiscella spending the day yesterday exploring Manhattan’s trendy Greenwich Village and having a marvelous time.

5:55 pm