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Rachel Uchitel

Rachel Uchitel
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Birth Name: 
Rachel Uchitel
Birth Date: 
January 26, 1975
Birth Place: 
NYC, New York
Nightclub Manager
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Rachel Uchitel is a 34 years old New Yorker who has a reputation of dating married celebrities, almost she attends all the parties. She likes to get clicked with rich man people and one night stand with rich men allegedly including Tiger Woods and David Boreanaz.

Rachel Uchitel no es una mujer de relaciones largas, y todo parece indicar que su matrimonio con Matt Hahn no funcionó.

Según un representante de Uchitel, la exnovia de Tiger Woods está en un proceso de divorcio, un año después de haber dado a luz a su hija.

10:50 am

Having made a name for herself thanks to her Tiger Woods fling, Rachel Uchitel has moved on with a new man and is now officially a proud mother!

The 37-year-old and husband Matt Hahn are parents to a healthy baby girl born Tuesday evening (May 15) at 5:04 p.m. PT in San Francisco, California.

1:17 am

She’s put some distance between herself and the Tiger Woods scandal, and now Rachel Uchitel is looking to become a mother.

The 36-year-old New York native tweeted a pic of her growing baby bump along with her new hubby Matt Hahn.

10:24 am

She was once in the news everyday for months, but now Rachel Uchitel is keeping her private life a bit more under wraps.

According to several reports, the former mistress to Tiger Woods secretly tied the knot to Matt Hahn in Las Vegas over the weekend.

11:35 am

After handing back millions of dollars in settlement hush money from Tiger Woods, Rachel Uchitel has decided she wants the loot back - and this time she's going after her former lawyer, Gloria Allred.

According to TMZ, the 36-year-old has returned nearly all of the hush money she received from Tiger and is now looking to sue her lawyer, Gloria Allred, for allegedly selling her out to cash in.

2:40 pm

Enjoying the beautiful sunshine, Rachel Uchitel was spotted out on the beach in Miami Monday afternoon (April 11).

Joined by her hunky new live-in boyfriend Matt Hahn, the former Tiger Woods mistress frolicked in the ocean and worked on her tan while sporting a fabulous two-piece swimsuit.

8:28 am

She may have become famous for dating then-married Tiger Woods, but now Rachel Uchitel is passing the time with a single guy.

According to a report, Miss Uchitel has been dating a 25-year-old Penn State grad named Matt for the past three weeks.

3:38 pm

They have a very tumultuous past, ever since their adulterous affair, and now Tiger Woods and Rachel Uchitel may end up at the same New Year’s Eve party.

According to Gossip Cop, the golf pro and his former mistress have both been invited to the same Donald Trump-hosted shindig.

3:39 pm

Looking to upgrade her ride, Rachel Uchitel was spotted scoping out the selections at a Porsche dealership in Los Angeles, CA on Wednesday afternoon (December 8).

The #1 Tiger Woods mistress stopped by a café to pick up an iced-coffee and banana before heading in to trade in her Range Rover for a sporty Porsche Cayenne.

12:42 pm

Showing up for her outbound flight, Rachel Uchitel was spotted arriving at JFK Airport in New York City on Friday (December 3).

The infamous mistress kept it cool by keeping her sunglasses on while checking into her flight while the paparazzi snapped up pictures from afar.

7:32 pm