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Redmond O'Neal

Redmond O'Neal
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Birth Name: 
Redmond O'Neal
Birth Date: 
30 January 1985
Birth Place: 
Los Angeles County, California, USA
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After getting special permission to leave rehab for the afternoon, Redmond O’Neal was spotted paying a visit to his late mother’s grave on Friday (June 25).

Joined by his dad, Ryan O'Neal, the father/son duo took a moment to remember Farrah Fawcett during a graveside vigil.

10:41 am

Looking to be moving forward in rehab, a judge is awarding Redmond O’Neal for his “excellent progress” by allowing to relocate to a sober living environment.

The 25-year-old son of Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O’Neal, was also praised by L.A. Superior Court Judge Michael Tynan for the "positive" decisions he had made in the last few months.

4:30 pm

Hitting the courthouse in cuffs and a blue jumpsuit, Redmond O’Neal attended a hearing at the Santa Clarita courthouse on Friday (May 22).

According to breaking reports, the 24-year-old son of Ryan O'Neal and Farrah Fawcett has been ordered to appear back in court on July 9th for a preliminary hearing on charges of drug possession.

1:10 am