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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs
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Birth Name: 
Steven Paul Jobs
Birth Date: 
February 24, 1955
Birth Place: 
San Francisco, California
Co-founder and CEO, Apple Inc.
Relationship Status: 
Passed Away on October 5, 2011

David Fincher está listo para llevar a la pantalla grande la vida de Steve Jobs.

De acuerdo con The Hollywood Reporter, el director de la película "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" está en charlas para filmar una película basada en la biografía más vendida del fundador de Apple escrita por Walter Isaacson.

4:29 pm

Este miércoles Ashton Kutcher compartió por medio de la red social una foto en la que se ve una imagen de su filme "jOBS”.

En la foto, el actor de 34 años de edad muestra un increíble parecido con el fundador de Apple, Steve Jobs.

5:24 pm

Mientras se acerca el estreno de su próxima película, la primera fotografía de Ashton Kutcher interpretando a Steve Jobs, fue dada a conocer ayer (3 de diciembre).

La estrella de “Two and a Half Men” le da vida al fallecido genio de Apple en la película “Jobs”, que narra el ascenso del gurú de los sistemas, desde que abandonó la universidad hasta convertirse en uno de los empresarios más destacados del siglo XX.

11:00 am

In an attempt to promote a Chilean newspaper, multiple disturbing images have been released via the Internet including a scene in which Amy Winehouse is burying Prince William and Kate Middleton alive.

The eerie depictions were created for the paper El Mostrador and feature a selection of once famous news figures digging shallow graves to bury other famous figures currently in the news.

9:30 am

It’s been one of the most exciting and enchanting years in the entertainment industry, but 2011 hasn’t been without it’s fair share of losses.

And as the year comes to a close, we remember those who made their mark on Tinseltown before being laid to rest in recent months.

7:31 pm

He's the man responsible for changing the tech world as we know it, and now beloved Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has been laid to rest following his passing earlier this week (October 5).

According to The Wall Street Journal, the 56-year-old computer pioneer was buried yesterday (October 7) following a private funeral held at an undisclosed location and attended by only family and close friends.

11:42 am

Showcasing one lavishly unique ensemble after another, Lady Gaga didn't disappoint with her wardrobe choice on Thursday (October 6) as she stepped out of the Lanesborough Hotel in London.

The Mother Monster was decked out in an over-the-top black-themed outfit complete with a huge broom-like wig atop her coif as she greeted a throng of fans en route to Roundhouse in Camden.

6:13 pm

News of Steve Jobs' death spread quickly yesterday, as people worldwide mourned the loss of the greatest visionary in recent memory.

And even President Barack Obama felt the sting of loss as he issued a statement to share his feelings about the late Apple honcho.

10:22 am

After spending the day paying a visit to the SPiN Ping Pong Club, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries continued along their always-busy doings with a night out in New York City on Wednesday (October 6).

The newlyweds were hand-in-hand as they took a romantic stroll around the Big Apple before making their way into a private apartment block for an exclusive soiree.

10:32 am

Coming as saddening and shocking news, the former CEO of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs has passed away at the young age of 56.

The computer pioneer and the brains behind the iPhone, iPod and iPad has been battling cancer and ill health for years while having stepped away from his job this summer.

10:32 am