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Tamara Witmer

Tamara Witmer
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Birth Name: 
Tamara Lynn Witmer
Birth Date: 
March 21, 1984
Birth Place: 
Valencia, CA
Playboy Model
Relationship Status: 

Marriage for the average person is tough. Over half of marriages are doomed to fail. And that’s not even with constant media scrutiny and paparazzi hounding you that celebrity marriages endure. For Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, it looks as though the tough times could be just beginning.

Ashton would really like to have a child with Moore. Moore has already mothered three children with former hubby Bruce Willis, so it’s not clear that she will do so again with Kutcher. "Ashton desperately wants a baby but is having to cope with the possibility that Demi may never bear his child." Demi has been making a number of sacrifices and lifestyle changes to enhance her chances of conceiving - and is reportedly expecting Ashton to do the same.

2:32 pm