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Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton
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Birth Name: 
Toni Michelle Braxton
Birth Date: 
October 7, 1967
Birth Place: 
Severn, MD
Singer / Song Writer / Actress
Relationship Status: 
Married to Keri Lewis

Toni Braxton tuvo un matrimonio bastante largo, especialmente para una celebridad, y ahora está oficialmente divorciada de Keri Lewis.

La pareja se había casado en 1998 y luego se separó en el 2009. La intérprete de "Unbreak My Heart" le dijo esto a VH1: “Tengo que ingeniarme un plan para mi vida que no tenga nada que ver con él. Tenía rabia con todo el mundo. No podía creer que esto me estuviera pasando a mí. Sentía que era una persona lidiando con muchas cosas y ahora venía otra más”.

9:26 am

Luego de revelar el año pasado que enfrenta una dura batalla contra el mal de Lupus, Toni Braxton fue internada de nuevo el viernes (7 de diciembre) en el hospital, a causa de la enfermedad.

La intérprete de "Un-Break My Heart" dio la noticia a través de su cuenta de Twitter. "Hola chicos, estoy en el hospital por problemas de salud relacionados con Lupus y coágulos de sangre. Pronto estaré en casa. Gracias por todo su amor y apoyo. Besos".

11:12 am

Among the many parties taking place leading up to Sunday's Academy Awards, The Hollywood Reporter held its 'Nominees' Night 2012' in Los Angeles, California on Thursday night (February 23).

Bringing her beauty to the Getty House venue was Oscar hopeful Jessica Chastain, who's in the running for Actress in a Supporting Role honors for her work in "The Help".

12:57 am

Looking as if she made the all too common mistake of outspending her earnings for the second time, Toni Braxton has once again filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Having previous bailed on her debts back in 2008, the 43-year-old singer is seeking bankruptcy approval while currently claiming to owe anywhere from $10-50 million.

10:42 am

You’d think with all their money and power that celebrities would pay their bills. But for Toni Braxton, a bad check is costing her time and money.

A wardrobe and costume designer is taking the songstress to court after she allegedly wrote him a bad check for $15,000 for work on a Las Vegas show.

3:16 pm

In the midst of his new movie, Hairspray, hitting theaters, John Travolta is fielding press for another very different reason. It seems the actor, 53, is in denial about his son’s disability.

Reportedly, Travolta and his wife, Kellly Preston, 44, are interested in having another child. The problem is that the Saturday Night Fever star won’t face the fact that his 15-year-old son Jett is autistic. When interviewing the star, one journalist observed, "Travolta sits there in interviews talking about how Jett loves to read or play sports, but it is clear that the boy can barely do either."

2:35 pm

Everyone out there knew that the NBA All-Star game and Las Vegas could make for a good time. It has been announced that there will be musical festivities of the highest order at the event.

Crooner Wayne Newton will serenade fans with Viva Las Vegas and a contemporary version of Danke Schoen as players are introduced at the NBA All-Star Game on Feb. 18, the league announced.

Mr. Las Vegas will perform for roughly seven minutes before the game. And it doesn't stop there.

2:25 pm