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Zeta Graff

Zeta Graff
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Zeta Graff
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Diamond Heiress-Actress
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Zeta Graff is a diamond heiress who had dabbled in Hollywood since the late 90's. Zeta Graff is best known for her roles in The Fifth Element, Jason and the Argonauts, and Relic Hunter: Possessed. Pictures of Zeta Graff can be found at Gossip Center.

When you’re uber-rich and famous, you have to be careful about what you say. Paris Hilton learned that one the hard way, after a woman she defamed came back at her with a $10 million lawsuit. But all is well now, as they have settled out of court.

Actress Zeta Graff, a former lover of Paris’ ex-fiancee Paris Latsis, was suing the heiress. Apparently the Simple Life star said some unsavory things about her in the press.

3:20 pm

Paris' lawyers are going to have a good year. First, the DUI case, and now Paris has been sued by model-producer Zeta Graff for slander. Fred Khalilian, the owner of Club Paris, has revealed that he has been asked by the court to give a videotaped deposition in the case.

Paris is due in court on February 5, where the $10,000,000 lawsuit has been filed against her.

The club had reportedly told the press that Graff attacked Paris at a “London nightclub and tried to rip off Hilton's $4 million diamond necklace.”

Graff however, is insisting that the whole story has been made up. The reason for the conjured story has yet to be revealed.

2:24 pm

Our friends at TMZ have obtained this photo of Paris Hilton (aka defendant) and Zeta Graff (aka plaintiff) leaving Mr Chow's restaurant in Beverly Hills.

What's stunning about the picture is that Zeta Graff is suing Hilton for $10 million, claiming the heiress defamed her by planting a false story in the New York Post. The article claims that Graff went ballistic at a nightclub, attacking Hilton.

TMZ also shot video later in the evening, capturing the pair entering the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood together.

The lawsuit is still 100% active. A source told TMZ that Paris and Zeta ran into each other recently and Paris wanted to "make nice." Nonetheless, Paris is still being sued.Paris and Zeta hang togetherLegal Papers Prove She's No EinsteinParis Deposition pages 1-112Paris Deposition pages 112-221
 Maybe Paris thinks that if she "makes nice" with Zeta that she'll drop the lawsuit? She's no longer with Paris Latsis, which was the issue between the two. I know Paris is young and makes mistakes, but sheesh when is she actually going to start behaving like a grownup.

2:23 pm